The Internet

A collaborative writing project about the internet of the past, present, future.

Volume 2: Digital Intimacy

Accepting submissions now.

01 Lauren Dawicki

02 On Mute

03 Alexandra Ebert Gold

04 Ryan F

Volume 1: Personal Histories

01 Nikita Walia

02 Tynan Sinks

03 Kayla Z

05 Sinéad Khan

06 Maya Singhal

07 Melody Zhou

08 Shayla Hayward-Lundy


Psychograph: A reiteration in a Time of Social Distance

In collaboration with Finger Frame, we’re launching Psychograph: A reiteration in a Time of Social Distance

Psychograph (From the Study of Distortions Series) is an investigation into the nature of communication and perceptions by Agnes Denes originally performed in 1972.

The Internet Club is collaborating with Finger Frame to recreate Denes' work virtually, inviting the world to participate.

Finger Frame is a virtual art space dedicated to redefining arts accessibility.

They strive to create an approachable art environment through immersive exhibitions, conversations with artists, and local community empowerment.

Click here to join the art piece, there are no wrong answers, only truths.